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DreamNation provides a language translator for in-world Chat and IM. If you want to chat and IM in a language other than English, you can select the language you want by wearing a special bracelet that we provide free of charge. The bracelet is available in the Gadget Shop on Welcome at <66,114,25>.

Note: This translator might seem to work backward compared to other translators. If you chat in English, there is no need to wear the bracelet. If you chat in some other language, then you should wear the bracelet and select your language from the menu. When a person speaking English chats to someone wearing a bracelet that is set to, for example French, the English chat will be translated to French for the French person to hear. And when the French person speaks in French, their bracelet will translate it to English for everyone else to hear. BTW, it is smart enough so that if two people have bracelets set to French, it passes the message directly from one to the other without translating, and likewise if one person is French and the other German, the message is translated directly between French and German.

 French person  --  bracelet set to French  -- \     / --  bracelet set to English  --  English person
 German person  --  bracelet set to German  -- /     \ --  no bracelet  --  English person  (bracelet is optional if you speak English)

If wearing a bracelet is a problem, you can make any attachment you wear function as a translator. Simply copy the translatorcontrol script to an attachment of your choice.

To select a language, wear the bracelet then click on it. You will be given a menu of languages to select from. There is a DISABLE setting for the bracelet in the menu. If you use that setting, you will see whatever other people chat without any translation. Also, people will see whatever you chat without any translation.

There are also "Hide Original" and "Show Original" settings. If Show Original is selected, you will also see the original text as well as the translation. By default, the bracelet is in "Hide Original" mode, so you only see translated text.

If you want to chat something in a language different from what you have set, you can prefix the message with [[[lc]]], where lc is the 2-letter language code or the name of the language spelled out as it appears in the language menu of the bracelet. For example, if you normally have the language set to German (de), but you want to say just one thing in French, enter it like this: [[[fr]]] ca va?, and it will be translated into whatever the listener's language is.

Any messages prefixed by [[[--]]] will bypass all translation. So if you chat [[[--]]]ca va?, everyone will see it as ca va? no matter what anyone's language setting is.

Note: The grid will remember what language you set the translator to even if you take the bracelet off. If you want to disable translation, you must put the bracelet on, select DISABLE from the menu, then take the bracelet off.

Currently we use Google to translate messages. To translate messages manually, go to

If a message fails to translate, it will show up in chat as [[[lc]]]message, where lc is the original language and message is the message presumably in that language as typed in by that user.

The translator is in BETA TEST at this time. Please IM any feedback to Kunta Kinte. Thanks very much!